Dog Park Maintenance

It wasn’t long ago when maintenance for a dog park did not even have a page in recreation history; today, however, new dog parks are springing up somewhere nearly every day and maintenance has become a real and evolving part of doing business. more »

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Not Your Daddy’s Locker Room

Growing up in the 1960s and ‘70s, I saw a locker room as a cavernous, uncomfortable, smelly public space whose functional design focused less on personal space and more on efficiently serving a large number of people. more »

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Getting Older And Getting Better

Think of it as one-stop shopping for everything a healthy, active senior needs. The Adult Activity Center (AAC) in St. Charles, Ill., is a hive of activity and a haven for older adults looking to hold the aging process at bay. more »

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Double Dog Duty

For anyone looking for the ingredients for a successful dog park, the answer is simple: Combine two park districts, add a splash of committed dog park enthusiasts, and fold in a location with potential. more »

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Equestrian Trails

But the trail plan has no mention of hot-pink muck buckets, one of the eye-catching amenities that draw media attention to the connectivity, boardwalks, and successes of the multi-use equestrian trails managed by Oakland County Parks and Recreation. more »

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Golf Amenities

There was a time in golf’s early history, back in the 15th century, when the condition of the course was dependent on how well local Scottish farmers took care of their pastures on which the game was played. more »

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Making Walls Talk

There were once hundreds of plantations dotting the landscape of South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Today, few survive and even fewer provide the public with an opportunity to experience and learn about the complexity of life in the old South. more »

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A Splashing Success

Not many municipal services are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face, but on any given summer afternoon at Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center in O’Fallon, Mo., laughter and shrieks of fun can be heard long before one gets to the entrance gate. more »

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The Town Pool Comes of Age

Municipalities nationwide are coming to the realization that simply providing a place for swim lessons and getting wet isn’t what today’s aquatic facilities are all about. Citizens are more savvy, connected, and busier than ever. more »

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Horse Of A Different Color

I can’t back this idea up with a scientific survey, but I am willing to assume that a vast majority of parks and recreation departments don’t include horse-related activities as part of their offerings; therefore, they probably don’t fathom the type more »


The Calming Effect Of A Building

A biophilic approach to design results in buildings that have valuable but complex influences and that can be grasped through effects on our own behavior: increased relaxation, a sense of delight, an improved capacity for personal reflection, etc. more »

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