Spring Cleaning

David Pinsonneault looks out his window as he speaks on the phone with me. He says, “I’m watching snow come down—when this storm is said and done, we’ll have more than 60 inches on the ground.” more »

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Photos: Jamie Matthew

Don’t Build It And Leave It

Since the revitalization of skateboarding in the late 1990s, parks and recreation agencies across the country have been striving to provide free outdoor action-sports complexes. more »

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When A Community Treasure Crumbles

Parks and recreation departments often feel pressure from the community when facilities close for repairs or maintenance. For the city of Tampa, outcry was much stronger when a neighborhood pool was shut down in 2009 for being non-code compliant. more »

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Photos: Courtesy of Kent Parks, Recreation & Community Services

Hooked On Habitat Conservation

In the first four months of the 2014-15 school year, high school students in Kent, Wash., have given more than 1,000 hours of community service by getting cold, dirty, wet, and scratched. And they keep coming back for more. more »

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YMCA and NSPF Cooperate To Deliver Training

Y-USA signed a Preferred Vendor Agreement with the National Swimming Pool Foundation to deliver the Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification. more »

Safe Handling

Understanding the proper use and storage of these chemicals ensures a safe and hazard free experience for the operators of swimming pools and spas. more »

Photos: Shawn Donais, MN DNR

A Pit Stop For Paddlers

In 2009, the Minnesota DNR completed a master plan for the Ottertail River. Part of that study concluded that an 8-mile stretch of the river was not navigable into Fergus Falls because no canoe/kayak access existed above Central Dam. more »

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Aging Facilities

In the 1980s and ‘90s there was a surge of water park projects and attractions across the United States that catered to public demands for fun; these facilities went beyond common rectangular swimming pools as places to beat the heat. more »


Photos: Raj Hajela, East Bay Regional Park District

Reeling With Memorable Moments

On a beautiful day in mid-May, the boys couldn’t stop horsing around. Running on the soft sand close to the lake’s edge and shoving each other playfully, they just couldn’t stay still. more »

Parks & Playgrounds

Photos: Al Fleming, MWR Marketing Coordinator, Naval Station Great Lakes

Train To Be A Champion

The Naval Station Great Lakes’ Warrior Zone, designed for functional fitness and high-intensity training, opened in November 2014 to meet the needs of its military personnel. more »


Shaping The Future Through Aquatics

Organizers announce early registration is available on April 1 for the 2015 World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC), offering a savings when registering by June 1. more »

Keeping Your Pools Drought-Proof

Below are some tips for pool professionals to help keep the water quality at its best and reduce the need of unnecessary or excessive pool draining. more »

Get A Paddle Grant

Today, the 2015 Paddle Nation Grant Program opened. Those interested can apply by April 13. more »

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / HighwayStarz

Intergenerational Programming

Intergenerational programming includes activities designed to bring together individuals of different ages to promote interaction. More specifically, IP is designed to connect youth to older adults. more »

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Photos: Jennifer Skulski

The Right To Go

As the mandates of the ADA roll along the line of responsibility, they eventually stop at the local level. According to Skulski, it behooves local departments to be familiar with the ADA and know where to research answers. more »


Photos: Provided by Talley Landscape Architects, Inc.

Striking A Happy Chord

What once was an unsightly, utilitarian detention basin dividing two areas of a suburban community has now become a beautiful, ecologically healthy park that draws residents outdoors, fosters neighborliness, and inspires others in the region to visit more »

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Photo: George J. Donovan AIA & Associates

LBWA--Clear The Air

So you’ve finished painting that big activity room in the community center—it has that “new paint smell” so all the users will know somebody cares about this facility, but is that smell really a good thing? more »


Photos: Courtesy of East Bay Regional Park District

Pour Performance

By 2012 the waterfall was in poor condition, and water flow had diminished to a trickle. A major renovation would be required to restore the historic waterfall to its original flow and capacity. more »

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Photos: Shelley Mitchell

Calling All Campers!

Here is a look at some of the avenues we pursue to find ideas for programs: more »


Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / stokkete

Captivate An Audience

We can use all of these games, apps, and websites, which hold kids’ attention for hours on end, as inspiration. more »


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